Chemical Product

1 ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Grey Helmet industry
2 Carbon Black Reinforcing tire products and rubber products,Colour
3 CP 52 Flame Retardant Additive, Plasticizer, Coolant
4 Fully Refined Parafin Wax Candle Industry
5 Petrosin Tackifier
6 PP Coplymer Black MI 10 Raw material palllet industry
7 Semi Fully Refined Parafin  Raw material candle Industry
8 Skyprene Rubber
9 Titan blr 699 Coating 
10 2,6 Diphenyl-phenol Raw material of dye
11 2,6 Diphenyl-phenol Raw material for colour Plastic
12 2,6 Diphenyl-phenol Raw material Pesticide
13 Sodium copper chlorophyll powder Daily used chemicals
14 Sodium magnesium/Zn/Ferrous chlorophyll Daily used chemicals
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